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Who we are

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We are diverse speakers with a vast range of knowledge in a multitude of industries.

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We're here to motivate you and equip you with the tools needed to elevate your career.

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Many of our speakers have drove innovation within their industry by staying ahead of trends and developing groundbreaking strategies.


Dr. Brittne Martin


Dr. Brittne Martin has hosted thousands of webinars and virtual conferences for global audiences spanning from 300 to 12,000 attendees.  Dr. Martin has over 10 years of experience in marketing, academia, career services, business development, content creation, program management, and social media.


She earned a Doctorate in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration from Argosy University by exploring social media users and employment trends. Brittne earned her MBA and BBA from Saint Xavier University.


Nicknamed “Doctoral Mom” by her classmates, she is the proud mother of 2-year old twins a 1-year old. As a result of her experience, Dr. Martin started an online support group that assists over 1,500 mothers in doctorate programs.

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